How to get there?

How to get to Kotatieva?

The address to Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is Ounasjoen itäpuolentie 828, 96900 Rovaniemi. The GPS coordinates for the park are 66°35’49.7″N 25°40’16.1″E.

Arrival by car

Driving instructions to Kotatieva from Rovaniemi Center

  • Head towards road Ounasjoki 4 / E75 and via the ramp in the direction of Ivalo / Kemijärvi / Airport (Route 82 / Route 81)
  • Take exit 56 towards Kuusamo / Saarenkylä / Meltaus
  • Turn left at the cross street: Kuusamontie / Route 81
  • Continue on Ounasjoki east side / Route 934 (8.1 km)
  • Follow the Kotatieva-sign from main road. Continue 2,5 km.
  • Along the way you will see signs towards Kotatieva. Follow the signs!

You can also use Google Maps for the guidance, here is a link to the location.

Transportation service

We provide transportation service for day time visitors. The transportation drives from Rovaniemi town centre via Santa Claus Village to Kotatieva and back three times a day. Transportation service is available only when you buy A Day in Kotatieva ticket or A Day in Kotatieva with Sauna and Hot Tub ticket. The transportation is free of charge and it must be booked at the same time with the ticket. Please note that the availability of transporation is limited per day. Read more about the service and its timetables here.

Transportation for evening programmes

If you want to book transportation service for the evening programme via us, please book the transportation at the same time with your ticket. Further information on transportation service here.

Do you want to organize your own transportation? Here are some taxi services in Rovaniemi!